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Following Olive Footprints (Olea europaea L.)

Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Tradition and Uses

This book is a joint publication of AARINENA, ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science) and IOC (international Olive council). The idea was conceived In October 2008 during AARINENA XI General Conference held in Damascus, Syriain which ISHS was represented with a high level delegation. The project started in October 2010 and later on IOC became the third co-sponsor and co-publisher.

The title of this book has been chosen to reflect its documentary nature and its pivotal theme of “Olive and People”. The 447 page olive compendium has been compiled in nearly two years by 99 authors from 41 countries distributed across the seven continents of the world. Some of these countries are well known to researchers, scientists and the public, being large olive producers with prominent knowledge and research about all things olives; like Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey and Egypt among so many others. Oliviculture in the new world has been well manifested through the contribution of countries like Argentina, Australia, USA, and Peru among others. The uniqueness of this book might be measured by the introduction of countries like China, Japan, Pakistan, Caucasus region and Saudi Arabia, where very few people around the globe knew that olive trees have been cultivated for quite some time.

To inclusion of proper information and the adequacy and consistency of technical data provided in the book, a huge effort has been exerted by an Editorial Board of professional olive scientists and researchers under the leadership of AARINENA Olive Network Focal point for Egypt Mohamed EL-KHOLY, with full participation by Damiano AVANZATO, Juan M. CABALLERO, Kostas CHARTZOULAKIS and Facundo VITA SERMAN and the assistance of Enzo PERRI.

Readers, when opening this remarkable book for the first time, will quickly realize its documentary nature, being full of images that in many cases simplify and complement the text to near perfection. After digesting just a few pages, readers will also recognize the pivotal theme of the book - “Olive and People”. This book fits well to the needs of scientists, researchers, the ordinary reader and the whole family which makes it an adventure for the eyes, minds and souls. The main topics covered for each country include an Introduction, olive cultivation history, area under olive cultivation, olive cultivars, impact on economy and environment, cultural practices, processing methods of raw olives, traditions and culture, national cooking with olives and olive oil, popular medicinal and cosmetic uses, olive and tourism and olive wood and by-products uses.




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